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MixCloud is one of most popular music platform devoted to showcasing the freshest urban, underground digital music.  They boast to be the “home of on-demand radio” which means the listeners choose what they want to listen to andshare with their audiences.  So where can you get the best new music?  Why, in the clouds, of course!
Why MixCloud ?

There are several benefits to using MixCloud.  As a promoter, MixCloud delivers the freshest, newest and most urbane music available anywhere on the internet.  The site is geared specifically to listeners who have an ear for certain types of music not generally heard in mainstream radio.  Many of the DJ’s are new and so is the material they upload.  MixCloud has an unlimited supply of cloud space in order for DJ’s to play their mix sets, set up podcasts and showcase their on-air personalities, so the musical cache is as eclectic as it is endless.  For the music enthusiasts who visit the site, they can listen to their favorite music and artists for free.  With these benefits, listenership will increase; DJ’s gain greater exposure and the promoters of MixCloud music garner greater market control with the best new music and DJ talent.  Everybody benefits from MixCloud.

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How is MixCloud Unique?

Many forms of underground music are hard to find.  Other sites, like SoundCloud, may carry many forms of digital music and DJ talent; however, MixCloudgoes a step farther; it narrows the search process for listeners to find the specific types of music they enjoy and puts them in the same venue with on-air personalities who are also looking to directly connect to devoted connoisseurs of the art of the “DJ mastermix.”  Also, MixCloud protects DJ’s from copyright infringement by being fully licensed to reproduce an artist’s work for free on-line shares.  The artists that the DJ’s showcase in their mixes actually receives royalties, unlike on other sites like SoundCloud.  In this respect, MixCloud is a DJ’s safe haven because it is specifically designed to help a DJ share mixes, legally and with no hassle, for optimal and positive exposure.  DJ’s are also encouraged by the user-friendly format to choose the very best marketing and promotional methods needed to effectively showcase their content and build a solid fan base through the use of tagging and timestamp tracklisting.

If you want to get creative, build your own channel for radio and display your mixes and playlists.  Take advantage of MixCloud display media campaigns and custom digital solutions.  MixCloud also helps its star clients achieve all-around marketing success with 360 Campaigns—a campaign solution that assists clients—even on the in-store level.  By working with major, world-class companies’ likeAdidas and Netflix, MixCloud creates high-level music campaigns to help them promote their brands and market their merchandise and services. Mixcloud is the best online podcast or radio podcast platform now. though spotify and some other platform aslo has the podcast feature, but, mixcloud is the pioneer in this platform. You also can buy spotify plays from some website  ProMusicMarketing is one of the best platform that provide spotify promotion services.

More Benefits of MixCloud

A DJ’s work will remain in the cloud as long as they choose (no take-downs).
Free Unlimited uploads.
MixCloud has the best media campaigns that you can customize to fit your needs.
It’s simple and user-friendly!
Registration is free.
Affordable promotion packages.
Fast delivery of promotional packages.

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Aside from the many great benefits of MixCloud, the greatest benefit comes from choosing us for your MixCloud promotion services.  We believe we are the best promoter for MixCloud Plays because we offer DJ’s a chance to gain greater exposure.  We offer the DJ an array of different packages, an open door to our vast listenership and wider recognition, as well… It’s affordable and it’s good for worldwide exposure and recognition.  In short, for a small investment, you get even greater benefits.

Along with the special plays purchased one can also get special access to unique followers.  So, you can create your masterpieces, upload them and get matched to followers who are connoisseurs of your unique brand of music all at an affordable price.MixCloud Playshelps you succeed at being the best.  Other affordable promo packages that are available for purchase withMixCloud Plays are…

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